Aquila Shipping & Shipmanagement GmbH has been active in the oil and gas sector for 25 years. In all cycles of the national economy we have generated sustainable earnings through our expertise.

Our core competence in the industry has led to Aquila Shipping & Shipmanagement GmbH successfully expanding geographically into the European sector over many years.

With the reorientation in 2016 we have decided to use the synergies in the private equity sector to generate sustainable earnings. Based on these economic aspects, the know-how was built up and completed by banking expertise.

Due to the investment policy of these years and new joint-venture partners, we have decided to expand the medical technology sector independently in 2019. We attach great importance to the synergies of the individual areas within ASS.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” describes Aristotle in a quotation. It impressively describes the philosophy with which ASS has positioned itself in the market.