ASS lives and works according to basic principles to create a healthy and sustainable foundation. A given strategy describes the field in which we want to be unique. In the course of time we have developed and perfected the know-how in all business areas. Thus, each division has a team of experts and also accesses external know-how. We connect countries and industries – know-how and bundle it within our group of companies.

The Aquila Shipping and Shipmanagment is a Group of Companys in Western Europe.

The finance and private equity division is being built up by our Managing Director.  For this purpose, he uses the entire resources of ASS in Central and Western Europe. He supports the CFO. In the recent past, our focus has been to analyse Spain, Greece and France as investment countries and to win local partners for our projects and visions. Primarily ASS operates from the substance that has been built up over the last 25 years.

In the last two years, ASS has built up its core competencies in four countries with corresponding teams of experts and consolidated them through joint venture agreements.